4 Top Tips To Breathe Fresh Life into Your Business

Here’s 4 top tips to spruce up your business. De-clutter Your Office Take some time out of your day to go through your desk and your paperwork and be ruthless!  Get rid of everything which does not support your burgeoning business. Grow a Plant Growing something from seed, nurturing the green shoots into life, tending [...]

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Get those cogs turning…

So, another exciting and positive week rolls past brimming with business lessons.  Don’t you love it when your business teaches you something about yourself?  Everything, including business, is a reflection of our true selves and as long as we stay integral to this then we shouldn’t go too far off course.  At the moment, we're [...]

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This week has been a very family oriented one for me... Friday night was a small engagement party in Hobart with my family-which was LOADS of fun.  I'm really close to my family here, and love catching up with all my aunts, uncles and cousins! Then on Sunday it was my Mum's 60th birthday.  We [...]

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7 days until Shift Speaker Training’s Presentation Profits in Melbourne!

You have to be careful what you wish for! Last week, after an incredibly successful round of Shift presentation Secrets evets (or 1-day Intro events) around Australia- the 3-day intensive training (Presentation PROFITS) Sold Out!  That's right, with 130 people in the room we absolutely could not fit another soul in!  Which was great news [...]

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Cruisin’ across the Atlantic!

Hi! Well, we're back?!  Three weeks away feels like it was a lifetime.  As you probably know by now the last three weeks we've been cruising across the Atlantic and partaking of all things holiday-ish with our good friends Andrew and Daryl Grant, Paul and Mary Blackburn and numerous members of both the Shift Speaker [...]

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