How to Command the Audience and Own Your Stage!

Speaking in front of an audience isn’t just about walking onto a stage and giving a speech. You have to step up and actually own the stage AND command the audience too, in order to really be at the top of your game.This not only gives your audience the best of you, it also gives [...]

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8 Days until London Workshop

Hi! It's been a big week here in London for the Team.  Last weekend I spoke at "The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women".  It was a very successful weekend with some fantastic feedback from the participants.  It was also a great  opportunity for me to connect with some friends- some new, some old. At the Bootcamp [...]

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Speaker Training Armand Morin Style

We're at LAX right now, and I just experienced my first earthquake.  5.0 on the Richter.  I was in the toilet and the water was splashing around all over the place!  Mmm!! Anyway- back to the point!.... As many of you know- I am a constant and never-ending student. One of my colleagues, [...]

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Our Internet Secrets

I met with a good friend of mine yesterday- Darren Stephens. Many of you might know him for his incredible marketing work making Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus the success that it is. Did you know that book was the second biggest selling book in the 90s after only the [...]

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Some thoughts on being yourself in business

Hi! I was writing an e-class for the Secrets Of Selling From Stage Mentoring Program yesterday and I just thought this section was pertinent to us all, whether we're speakers or not, so I thought I'd post an except on the blog for you to peruse! "For me I endeavor to be transparent in everything [...]

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