Happy New Year! Are you feeling renewed and refreshed after a festive break? Are you brimming with new ideas and plans for creating your ultimate lifestyle business in 2013?

You’ve no doubt started back into your work feeling inspired and creative… and possibly already begun fleshing out your ideas for new products that you can offer your community this year to serve them and take you nearer to your goals?

But are you beginning to struggle with fitting time for creativity into your day?

You see, all of us have an optimum time in every day where our creative juices flow… and trying to create when you’re not feeling particularly inspired, is like wading through thick treacle… difficult, and you become stuck!

So, as part of your new year strategy for change, why not protect your best creative time, and make it your sacred space that day to day busyness, or client work, cannot steal away from you?

Find the time;

The first step is to get clarity around when you are at your best. For some people it might be the time immediately upon waking. For others, it can be late at night when the kids are in bed.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Which time of day do you feel most creative?

Identify your sacred time and make a note of when… and for how long you feel at your best?

Protect your creative time:

Now you’ve established when your optimum creative space is, the next step is to block it out in your diary each day… or at the very least 2-3 times each week.

Don’t accept client intrusion during this sacred space, and don’t agree to get involved in distracting events and tasks that take place in your creative time. Give yourself permission to keep this time just for you.

You and your business are important and deserve to receive the best of your creativity and focus.

Be firm with yourself;

Don’t waste this time doing mundane, non-creative tasks, like checking emails, making phone calls or surfing the internet. You can do those at another time when your creative juices are not flowing so freely.

Get started by just doing something… taking the first action towards creating. If you’re writing blogs or sales copy, just start writing… something… anything. If you’re wanting to create videos, just film yourself for a minute or two to get in the zone.

The important thing is that you take the first action and open up your creative channels ready to make the best use of your sacred space.

So, when are you at your best creatively? Tell me how you plan to protect your creative space this year to gift your business the best of you?


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