If you want to make a difference in the world then there is one thing you are definitely going to need and that’s loads of energy. That’s why I’m sharing a key distinction in today’s Jo & Co episode, it’s one you need to learn to make in order to get the best out of life.

What I’m talking about here are basic needs. Just the simple things you require to be okay, to survive or be at neutral.

Things like…

  • Enough sleep
  • Being hydrated with enough water
  • Being fed with a nutritious meal.
  • Affection – Did you know that human beings need to be touched 8 times a day to feel connected and part of the world?

I know I’m generalising but I can’t help but observe that you men are often better at this than us women. But having said that it’s something many of us could get better at.

Check out today’s Jo & Co episode for tips to help you take care of the basics, so you can bring your best self and make your biggest contribution.