Recently I interviewed the amazing Wendy Powell of MuTu System. Wendy is a huge online success with her system designed to take care of women’s health post-partum.

What I love about her approach is it fits beautifully with our teachings of how Superwoman won’t get you sustainable fruitful outcomes, and that includes in your health.

Wendy was a mentor at our BeVital retreat last year, and I highly recommend having a listen to our recent chat, where she will cover;

  • The physical issues women face (sometimes for years) after birth that are NOT ok, but common.
  • Why you shouldn’t just accept the way your body is right now
  • How when you shut off from the parts of your body you don’t like it causes more problems.
  • And how ageing affects your body.


Find out more about Wendy and the MuTu system here.

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