my life is too good!

Greg and I are in the Hunter Valley. Just tasted some yummy wines... The Tower Barbera comes highly recommended! The point however is most people are busy working and we're about to open a bottle of vino, and chill out befor dinner. Boy life's tough! Today is one of those days to be grateful. What's [...]

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Tuning into the Universe FM in Perth!

Sincerest apologies for my absence the last couple of days. You may remember my video recently "joey’s had an idea"? Well, the last couple of days I have been in Perth meeting some of the most extraordinary people. Well, truly they are ordinary people doing extraordinary things because of extraordinary levels of inspiration and drive. [...]

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What is truth, and is there room for tolerance?

Hi guys, Welcome back. Just wanted to share with you I've had a breakthrough. I've never been a runner. In fact any of you who've been in a class with me have probably heard me say that I hate running. That's why I dance. However, I have to take my hat off to my personal [...]

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How 5 young men got me out of bed!

This blog is dedicatd to discussing what makes people get out of bed… especially what makes entrepreneurs and business people get up and take risks. In this video blog today you’ll hear about how 5 young men got me out of bed at 6am (far too early for me under any other circumstance!), and pull [...]

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