By Joanna Martin

How often do you take a deep breath, a step back and view your business and goals with an open mind about how you’re moving forwards towards your lifestyle goals?

I’m writing this on Monday, the day after we ran our last ever Presentation Profits Intensive 3 day event and today marks the start of a new journey for Shift.

Baby lying on BackI’ve made no secret of the fact that Greg and I hope to welcome a little bambino into our lives soon… so we’re re-grouping and moving towards a business model with less live events… gifting us more time to focus on a new family.

But, while we’re on the cusp of a new beginning here at Shift, you should also be inviting new beginnings into your own business on a regular basis… to make sure you are still in alignment with your goals and not veering off track.

And how do you do that? By become the new employee again!

Can you recall how you felt on your first day in a new job?

I’d like you to take a minute here to think back to a time when you turned up for your first day in a new job… remember the feelings of excitement, trepidation and dreams of a new beginning you held as you began your new role?

Man with LaptopRemember your ability as the new person to spot flaws in the current processes… finding simpler and more efficient ways of managing some of the tasks your predecessor had been blindly going about the same way for years… just because they’d gotten so used to doing things their way they had stopped giving any thought to what they were doing and why they were doing so?

I’ll let you into a little secret… that predecessor is now running your business! It’s you.

Your new beginning:

Have you ever stepped back and assessed what you’re doing every day and been honestly able to say that you are still as efficient as you could be?

Most business owners don’t… so don’t beat yourself up if this is true for you too.

Recognizing yourself is one thing… but it doesn’t mean you have to carry on this way.

SMan sitting With Laptopo why not make a commitment to yourself that when you sit down at your desk on Monday morning, you are the new manager of your own business? Look at what you do, your systems, your team, your marketing… look at absolutely everything in your business through the eyes of a new manager.

And be honest with yourself… are you doing everything the best way you could be? Would you continue to work the way you do if you were seeing everything with the fresh vision that you took to the first day of each of your previous new roles?

How can you improve? What’s going well… and not so well?

Your business deserves it… and so do you. Your lifestyle goals merit the same attention and care as your loved ones if you’re ever going to be able to gift yourself the lifestyle you desire.

See you Monday!