Are you so caught up in your business that you can’t separate yourself from your brand? If your business is criticised, does that feel like a slight on you personally?

I hear time and time again from women who are holding themselves back, unable to make difficult, but necessary, decisions in their business, because they believe that doing so will mean that they – personally – will have failed.

Or when something goes wrong in their business… a team member doesn’t deliver, or a process fails to work as it should – they take the full weight of blame and guilt on their shoulders – and give themselves a hard time over it.

Where is the love?

I want you to understand something here. You are not your business. You still deserve to love yourself during the tough times in your business. 

I’m going to say it again for good measure… your business is NOT you!

Your life purpose

You started your business because you know you have a difference to make… you life purpose is to share your message with as many people as you can.

You wanted a business that suits your lifestyle… to make more money while having plenty of time to spend with your loved ones, and having fun.

But because your business is an extension of your soul self… it’s much more difficult to separate you from your work. So they start to overlap, and the lines between your business and you as a person get blurred.

The truth is that your business is the VEHICLE that funds your lifestyle!

Failings in your business do not equal personal failure for you.

When something in your business fails, YOU as a person have not failed. You don’t deserve to stop loving yourself, nor do you warrant the inner bashing you give yourself.

Can you relate to any of these situations?

  • You struggle to make difficult business decisions because you can’t see your business objectively?
  • You aren’t nurturing yourself and recognising that as the brand, you need investing in too – putting business first and neglecting your health and listening to what your body needs?
  • You fear being seen as a personal failure if you make bold business decisions so you won’t take a risk?
  • You keep flogging a dead horse… sticking with a project that is clearly not giving you a return – because it’s your baby… you created it so you can’t give up on it?!

Yet what is that costing you… personally and by getting “stuck”…and not getting results in your business?

Is there something you’re doing in your business right now that doesn’t make any contribution – financially or energetically – to your lifestyle goals? That thing that you keep doing because you’ve invested so much PERSONAL energy into it, that to walk away would make you feel that YOU have failed?

You did answer that question honestly didn’t you?

And what is your answer telling you?

What if I told you to stop investing any more time or money in it, and walk away from it, how would you feel? 

  • Ashamed?
  • Guilty?
  • That you’re a failure?

When you chose to start the project, or launch that product or whatever it is that isn’t working, you made a business decision based on what felt right at the time.

With the benefit of hindsight you realised that you’d made a bad business decision – but that doesn’t make you a bad person!

You made a bad business decision!

  • You have nothing to feel ashamed of!
  • You have nothing to feel guilty about!
  • You are NOT a failure!

So this week, I invite you to take a careful look at the lines between you and your business. Are you guilty of having allowing the lines to become blurred? Do you put off making difficult business decisions because of how they make you feel personally? Have you invested so much of yourself into your business that you’ve neglected your own needs?

Do you show more love to your business and the people around you that you do to yourself?

And what ONE thing can you do this week to stop the sabotage… of yourself and your lifestyle?

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