Yikes! Have you seen the footage of that Austrian Sky diver guy, Felix Baumgartner who did a free-fall 23 miles from the edge of space to the New Mexico desert a few days ago?!

Pretty nuts huh?!

It wasn’t all for fun though… he was collecting data to make future space travel safer… but still, when you saw him step outside the capsule to begin his fall, there were a lot of hearts that began beating very fast… none faster than Felix’s own I doubt!

And then there was the point a short while into the fall, where he was spinning out of control and the fear from the ground was that he was going to lose consciousness… but luckily he righted himself and it ended well.

Just think for a minute how you would feel if you had to make that leap yourself… do you reckon you’d have baulked at the challenge when you looked outside and saw the vast expanse of nothingness that you were expected to leap into?

Face your fears:

Because, you know, as a business owner, a large factor of whether or not you are going to achieve your ultimate lifestyle, comes down to whether you are regularly taking steps into the unknown.

Every day, you have to make decisions without any guarantees of whether you are doing the right thing or not… do you jump regularly?

In fact, Martin Luther King Junior said it best in his famous quote;

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

So today, I want to invite you to take a step back, and re-align with your heart space. Ask yourself…

“What could I do today if I stopped letting fear of the unknown hold me back?”

We aren’t born with self-limiting beliefs… they are a by-product of our lives so far… previous experiences, learnings and influences.

What staircase could you take the first step on today, that could have a BIG impact on tomorrow… and the day after that?

  • Are you putting off making a difficult decision… perhaps parting ways with someone that isn’t adding value to your business?
  • Do you feel nervous about calling up someone because you feel it will be a difficult conversation?
  • Have you got to say no to something or somebody but feel guilty at the prospect of it?
  • Are you considering investing in your education or business but fear is holding you back?

  • Do you feel unworthy of your success because you are doubting your ability?

Because today, I would urge you to stop letting your self limiting beliefs rule you. Make a commitment to yourself… and to your business. If Felix can Sky dive from space, what could you do if you faced your fear head on and took action… now?!

What fear will you overcome today?

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