What with a wedding coming up, I’ve just ‘had’ to do some shopping!  And who better to go shopping with than personal branding expert and style guru, Ben Angel.  Greg, Ben and I spent a great day out choosing some new clothes. Ben was just awesome.  He even got Greg to agree to wearing skinny ties and if you ask me he looks super hot in them! Being on the road means you to tend to wear your clothes out so this shopping trip was well over-due….

Talking of traveling, this weekend we got back to the UK and during the 5 hours we had to wait to check into our apartment we started the wedding planning.  I much preferred ignorance.  Did you know there is a formula for who you should invite!  Hilarious!

It just so happened the weekend we’ve arrived here in the UK is the Thames Festival, so we spent Saturday afternoon listening to the gypsy band near Tower Bridge and watching this groovy lady carve up the lawn!  I did have a bit of a boogie too!

As of next week, Greg and I are heading off on a much needed holiday, first to Turkey for a short cruise and then over to Thailand for Greg’s brother’s wedding.  I promise lots of lovely snaps on my return!  In the meantime, the newsletter will be taken care of by various members of the lovely Shift team so I’ll be leaving you in safe hands.  Plus it’s also a chance for you to see some little known behind the scenes secrets of Shift….