Do you ever look back at where you were in your business a year ago, compare your journey from then until now and just think “Wow! How did that happen?”

Yet, the journey from then until now felt so effortless and easy?!

Isn’t it great when you’re in flow and you’re running a business that is an extension of your soul space… when every action feels natural, but so right? When you’re in flow, the universe works with you and the magic happens… and it is that magic that results in your effortless success journey.

What if you’re not feeling this way?

If you’re not feeling this way in your business right now, I invite you to give some deep thought into whether you are in love with your business… or if the honest answer is that you’re in love with the financial security… or indeed whether your business is not actually your life purpose?

You’ve heard my story right? I went into medicine because it was my dream as a child, but it took the sudden death of my favourite patient to make me realise it wasn’t what I wanted in my heart space. I wasn’t living my dream.

I was passionate about acting… so I threw in my secure medical career and went off to drama school. It was there that I first discovered the world of personal development, which started me on my journey towards Shift… and being able to work with you and all the other amazing people in the Shift community.

Why do you need to be in flow?

In the last few days, I have heard from two of my clients who have experienced the power of the universe in their business as a result of being in flow. Both of them are doing what they love and have found amazing opportunities appearing from seemingly nowhere.

Long hoped for opportunities that a week ago felt they could never attain… suddenly presenting themselves.

Their common link between them is that they have both struggled in the past when they have been in business for the wrong reasons. But now they’re in flow, they’re enjoying success effortlessly and the universe is working with them in continuing to present opportunities.

So today I invite you to take stock of where you are in your journey towards your ultimate lifestyle. Does it feel effortless with opportunities regularly presenting themselves to you?

Or is every day a battle against setback after setback… leaving you feeling as if you’re giving everything to your business but it’s giving you very little in return?

Ask yourself honestly if you’re happy right now?

And if not, what can you do to change your life this week?

Remember, change can often feel difficult and scary, but you owe it to the world to share your message and your life purpose. And when you do… the universe rewards you with effortless success.

Tell me what’s happening for you in your business right now by leaving me a comment below. Are you experiencing the power of the universe… or do you feel you’re wading through treacle… working hard but moving very slowly?