Most women start their business as a form of self expression. Or to add a little extra income to the family account. They dream of it being something that will fit in around family, their relationships, and taking care of themselves. I refer to this kind of business as “The Ultimate Lifestyle Business”. It’s fun, fulfilling, financially rewarding, and it provides for the kind of lifestyle you really want.

However, most women in business are preventing themselves from creating the Ultimate Lifestyle Business because they are TOO CAPABLE.

They are falling into something I refer to as the Capability Trap.

Have you ever caught yourself saying something like “if you want something done right you better do it yourself”? or how about “by the time I show them how, it’ll be quicker if I just do it.”

If this sounds like you, be prepared for a very rude awakening. You are suffering from the single biggest Achilles heel of all women in business. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. And it isn’t your fault.

However it is important that you understand…

Beyond the Capability Trap lies Severe Consequences…

Financial Struggle: Superwomen who suffer from the Capability Trap get trapped operating as sole traders, or solo-preneurs, never fully able to let go long enough to allow anyone to help them… Let alone make enough money to afford an assistant! I fthis is you… this means your income will always be restricted at the level it is today.

Relationships: Superwomen who suffer from the Capability Trap rarely allow themselves to stop thinking about their business. You know how it goes: “I’ll just quickly get this one more email sent before I run and put the dinner on… Oh, I’ll call Sally about that networking event while I’m helping the kids with homework.”

Are you rarely present with the people in your life because your mind is ruminating on a million different other things you have to nut out? Is anyone really getting the best of you? Or are your loved ones: your husband, your boyfriend, your kids, your friends, competing over the scraps of your attention? How long do you think they’ll be happy to put up with this?

Health Impact: Superwomen suffering from the Capability Trap ultimately experience long term health implications too. More and more women are suffering from CFS and ME or other exhaustive conditions. These conditions start with a syndrome called “Adrenal Insufficiency”. And the primary cause? Superwoman Syndrome!

Spiritual Cost: And finally… What is the price of never truly living your destiny? You started your business because of a passion, a desire to make a real difference. How long has it been since you woke up knowing you were on the right path?

So how about you?

Are you suffering from the Capability Trap? If time and money were no object, what would you stop giving energy to today? I’m interested to know your thoughts… Leave me a comment below, and share this article with the women in your life.

Let’s make a Shift away from having to do it all!