The Curse of the “Wrong Choice”

As a business owner myself and a person who’s really plugged into that entrepreneur world, I am continually amazed at the seriously interesting lives that people are creating for themselves. There are just so many options now for what you can do with your life — as the rise of so many varied Internet businesses [...]

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Will You Ever Meet Your Ideal Client?

Is there someone you’d love to work with... your ultimate ideal client who you know you can make a difference to if only you could have the opportunity to meet them? It feels like a pipe-dream... you can’t see a way to ever make it a reality and you resign yourself to them never knowing [...]

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What Felix’s Skydive Can Teach Us About Business

Yikes! Have you seen the footage of that Austrian Sky diver guy, Felix Baumgartner who did a free-fall 23 miles from the edge of space to the New Mexico desert a few days ago?! Pretty nuts huh?! It wasn’t all for fun though... he was collecting data to make future space travel safer... but still, [...]

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You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With!

By Joanna Martin Do you ever get the feeling that you or someone around you has changed? Like you don’t have anything in common with that person anymore? It can be a pretty shocking realisation; especially if you were once very close and shared everything together… to suddenly feel in your heart that the two [...]

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Who’s Supporting You In Your Journey?

By: Joanna Martin I wrote a blog some time ago about making use of your support network when you feel overwhelmed but I want to talk today about the importance of acknowledging those who support you in your journey to success. You see, I think if you are like a lot of people, it is [...]

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