How to Command the Audience and Own Your Stage!

Speaking in front of an audience isn’t just about walking onto a stage and giving a speech. You have to step up and actually own the stage AND command the audience too, in order to really be at the top of your game.This not only gives your audience the best of you, it also gives [...]

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The Importance Of Using Stories

There’s nothing more powerful than using stories in your marketing. Stories help your message to resonate with your prospects, and when you can build a story into a great case study, they really help to prove what you say is true. Sharing your clients’ success stories will inspire your prospects to work with you. People want [...]

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Marketing Your Business: Your Prospects Don’t Need You!

I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, but your customers will always choose to buy from you based on whether they WANT what you offer. When you’re marketing your business, pitching towards what they NEED, just doesn’t cut it.So, my question to you today is “is your business marketing geared towards what your prospects WANT [...]

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Success in business: Are you inviting the magic?

Isn’t the universe awesome?! I love how when you come up against a challenge or problem in your business and then bam! All of a sudden as if from nowhere the universe appears with the solution. Are you feeling in flow with the universe right now too? You know, when your business is connected to [...]

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8 Days until London Workshop

Hi! It's been a big week here in London for the Team.  Last weekend I spoke at "The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women".  It was a very successful weekend with some fantastic feedback from the participants.  It was also a great  opportunity for me to connect with some friends- some new, some old. At the Bootcamp [...]

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