Where Is The Love?

Are you so caught up in your business that you can’t separate yourself from your brand? If your business is criticised, does that feel like a slight on you personally?I hear time and time again from women who are holding themselves back, unable to make difficult, but necessary, decisions in their business, because they believe [...]

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Success Lies Outside Your Comfort Zone!

No doubt you’ve heard the saying that success breeds success but where does success start? It starts with a mental attitude and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.You see, it doesn’t matter what level of game you are playing right now... there is always another level you can go to.  But what usually keeps [...]

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Protect Your Creative Space!

Happy New Year! Are you feeling renewed and refreshed after a festive break? Are you brimming with new ideas and plans for creating your ultimate lifestyle business in 2013? You’ve no doubt started back into your work feeling inspired and creative... and possibly already begun fleshing out your ideas for new products that you can [...]

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3 Steps For Productive Remote Working

One of the real benefits of running your lifestyle business is the ability to choose to work from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection... either mobile broadband or accessible Wi-Fi connection Places such as... Caravans Coffee shops Libraries Beach In-flight Sitting poolside or lakeside Parks I’m sure you get the idea...? But, unlike working in [...]

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