Leadership Lessons From Bangladesh

My trip to Bangladesh with The Hunger Project has been the most profound and life changing experience of my life to date. The women I met simply blew me away with what they’re achieving. It’s really touched me... and it has made me think about the lives we lead. You know, one of our biggest [...]

By |11.10.2012|

A Lesson From Bangladesh | What’s Stopping You?

Having spent the past week or so in Bangladesh with The Hunger Project, I’ve been humbled by the commitment and dedication shown by the amazing women I was fortunate enough to meet. While we were there, we held the Unleashed Women Leaders Conference in Dhaka Inspirational women It happens once every 2 years... these rural [...]

By |04.10.2012|

Joanna’s #Factor500 Video Diary | The Hunger Project And The Inspirational Women Of Bangladesh

I'm in Bangladesh this week with The Hunger Project... meeting some of the inspirational women that The Hunger Project have helped over the years... which with our donations, all of us at Shift have contributed to. It’s not one of those trips where we go over just to see how our funding has been able [...]

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