Leadership Lessons From Bangladesh

My trip to Bangladesh with The Hunger Project has been the most profound and life changing experience of my life to date. The women I met simply blew me away with what they’re achieving. It’s really touched me... and it has made me think about the lives we lead. You know, one of our biggest [...]

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A Lesson From Bangladesh | What’s Stopping You?

Having spent the past week or so in Bangladesh with The Hunger Project, I’ve been humbled by the commitment and dedication shown by the amazing women I was fortunate enough to meet. While we were there, we held the Unleashed Women Leaders Conference in Dhaka Inspirational women It happens once every 2 years... these rural [...]

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The 5 Recommended Business Books For Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

By Joanna Martin I'm an avid reader... but although I love a good fiction blockbuster, I'm always hungry to read a great business book that is going to help me continue to grow as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Over the years I’ve read plenty and I am sure you have too... but there are a few [...]

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