7 Traits Of Ineffective Leaders

As a lifestyle business owner, you are likely to become a leader at some stage in your business. You may not yet be at the stage of employing staff, but even outsourcers require leadership... and the outcome of these relationships depends on your effective leadership.I’m 37 weeks gone now, so officially “full term” which is [...]

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Get Ready To Set Your Lifestyle Goals For 2013!

Wow. The year is almost over, and even though it only feels like last week when I was talking about planning your lifestyle goals for 2012, it’s time to begin the process of evaluating your year to date and get prepared for 2013. Greg and I always spend time over the festive break to sit [...]

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Lifestyle Business Design | Building Your Team

By Joanna Martin When you are getting started in your business, most (or all) of your business activities will be reliant on you… taking time off is difficult because if you’re not around, no business can be done. To experience a true lifestyle business, you will need to remove this reliance on you being around [...]

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