I read a report in the paper the other day that the British are guaranteed a long, hot Summer.  Get the barbeques ready and the sunglasses out.  Who needs to fly abroad anyway?  This way you get to beat the ash.  So, what holiday plans have you got for this summer (or winter if you’re in Oz)?  Please do share the exciting ones with us – it always gives me ideas for my next vacation!

In a few days, Greg and I are flying out to Antibes in the South of France.  It’s not technically a holiday because we’ll still be working out there but it still gives us a chance to dine out on all that yummy French food.  Isn’t French food just the best?  I just love the way the French practically build their whole day around their meals.  I like that they place this at the centre of their existence.  It says something about how healthy they are – rather than placing their lives around their workload.

Holidays aren’t just an annual event are they?  In our business we permanently aim for the relaxed edge that holidays give us.  What you get out of holidays – the time to unwind and relax and get the work/life balance into perspective – we try to strive for everyday.  How can you bring the holiday into your work-life?  It’s actually more productive than you think….

Think about it this week as you soak in the sun in your lunch-break.