Hi guys,

This is just a quick post to let you know that something very exciting is going to be happening tomorrow. Over the last few months Greg and I have been working on something which we are really thrilled about, and we will be launching it tomorrow. Yay!!

We are on the Gold Coast at the moment, putting the finishing touches to a little something which I belive is going to be one of the best value offerings of its kind out there.

If you know me, and what I’ve done in the past you’ll be thinking :”why on earth did it take you so long Joey?!” So keep your eyes peeled.

I wanted to let all my close friends know first because there will be a limited offer that I will reveal tomorrow, and you guys deserve pole position to get the goodies.

Keep your eye on your inbox tomorrow, if I have your email… otherwise come back to the blog on Wednesday the 19th of March, Queensland time, Australia… and check out what mischief we’ve been up to!!

Love Joey