Well I warned you I was up to something. The last three days Greg and I have sequestered ourselves away on the Gold Coast putting the finishing touches on our new site.

And now its ready to go! Hooray!

We have just gone live with something we believe will shake up the entire public speaking industry. That’s because it’s going to put public speaking tools and strategies into the hands of regular business owners CHEAPER, FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVELY than ever before.

And this is your opportunity to have a sneak preview.

You see, we have been putting together an exciting step-by-step, hold your hand mentoring program that reveals everything I learnt in the last three years in the seminar game. As you probably know, in my first 12 months speaking and selling from stage, I made over $1.25 million in sales. In fact with over 3000 hours on stage, selling for my supper, I thought I might have an idea or two to share with you about how you can blow the lid on your own business by creating and delivering some killer presentations!

Anyway, here’s the exciting bit. We’re launching the site right now, and of course we’re keen to get some sales straight away! So we’re throwing in some bonuses which we hope will make the whole thing a “no-brainer” for you if you’re intending to sell your business to a group.

In addition to the great stuff you get standard as part of the program (you’ll see the list on www.SecretsOfSellingFromStage.com/signup.html), you’ll also get these things:

– Half price membership for the first 100 people. The standard price is $99 a month, but if you’re one of the first 100 people to join you get it for just $49 a month for as long as you stay a member.

– What’s more we’re running a 3-day intensive speaking workshop in May. This is not a sell-fest – I guarantee that you will walk out with a planned presentation ready to go! Tickets are $2,000 per person, but IF YOU ARE ONE OF THE FIRST FIVE PEOPLE to join the mentoring program you get one ticket to the workshop included in your membership.

– The workshop comes with 2 hours of my personal time to critique your presentation and giving you one-to-one feedback. This alone is valued at $3,500. So if you’re one of the first 5 people to join the program, you also get this great bonus.

I’m sending this offer out to my close friends and past clients first (that’s why you’re getting this!), so you get a head-start. Later today I’ll send this same offer to the rest of my list, as well as a bunch of other lists we’ve teed up. If you’re keen to lock in the charter membership price of $49 a month, please don’t wait and “think about it”.

Here’s the link to check out the site:

And here’s the link to join the program if you’d rather do that and read the details later!

Let me know what you think.

I hope you get as much out of it as we have putting it all together!

Have fun!