Thanks for requesting the 7 Rituals to Calm the Daily Chaos

As we said earlier- there’s no magic wands, but these 7 Rituals will help you to calm the daily chaos. Collated from our community over many years, these are our top little sanity savers that help us to find moments of calm in a life of relative madness.

Please check your email inbox for an email from me with a link to all 7 rituals (if you’re the kind of woman who wants the problem solved yesterday).

We’ll also drop you a line over the next few days, introducing you to one at a time (if you’re the kind of woman who likes the step-by-step approach to growth).

Even if you just apply a fraction of one ritual, and it gives you 5 minutes more joy this week- that’s a huge win!

After all, it’s not about becoming some version of the ideal woman who doesn’t exist anyway… its about helpful little tools that help you manage the life you have today, and make way for the life you hope for tomorrow… a little at a time.

We hope that you find them as useful as our community does.

Before you go, Like a good wine, we believe great things are best shared.

wineWho do you know who could use a little help getting out of overwhelm? A sister who makes “Mum’s Taxi” an understatement? A staff member who isn’t quite keeping on top of things? A colleague who has been cancelling meetings because she’s too busy?

Who do you know, and love, to whom you would give the gift of more time if you could?

This is as close to “Time All Tied up in a Bow” as we could get. So we’d love you to share the gift with others.

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Subject: Are you still feeling as overwhelmed as me?Hi!

I know you, like me often get overwhelmed with how much you have to do each day. I just saw this today and thought you might like it too:

It’s a free, 7-part video training series from Dr Jo Martin to show you how to calm the daily chaos – I’m sure you know why I decided to register!

I really think these rituals will help us to get our sanity back. There is more info on the page so check it out!


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