I was reflecting on some influential characters throughout time as I wrote my eclass from Secrets Of Selling From Stage this week:

Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Jesus of Nazareth, Queen Elizabeth I, Nelson Mandela, Posh Spice 😉 … Just to name a few!

It became clear to me that people want to be influenced, they want a better life. Sometimes the message of  leaders delivers a better life, and sometimes it doesn’t. But the common theme is that leaders promise a better way.

So this brings me to influence itself. What is it really? People believe that influence is a whole lot of things that it is not:

  • persuasion
  • motivation
  • coercion
  • manipulation
  • pursuit



c.1374, “streaming ethereal power from the stars acting upon character or destiny of men,”

Interesting yes?

Let us look at the components of this:

  • ethereal power: an authority that is not of this world
  • stars: objects that shine in the night sky
  • acting upon: changing in some way
  • character: who a person is
  • destiny: what a person does

So as a person of influence- is it your job to shine the light of spirit (call it God, the universe, what you like) and in doing so change people and their lives?

I think the answer is a resounding yes.