I took my first kung fu lesson last night.  I have never worked so hard.  The instructor said that I would feel very sore today.  Oddly enough, I don’t…

Why is it that pyschic growth (for want of a better way of putting it) hurts so much more than physical growth.  I swear to God there are times in my life where I think I am totally going mad.  Am I the only one?  It forces you to consider all your assumptions and reconsider all the decisions you’ve made.

A friend of mine said today that you know when things are not right because your internal chatter goes through the roof. Monday my brain was like Toni and Guy on late night Thursday with the champagne flowing.  Talk about chatter.  Since about 1pm today it has been remarkably quiet.  Perhaps the boil has been lanced.

I guess we all go there.  Have moments off centre – we watch ourselves wandering from the path and wonder why on earth we started to ignore the signals (usually months ago).  Thank God for the tough love friends that call us on it. I personally just wish I was “enlightened” enough not to hurt them along the way.

They say in kung fu that the pain eases with training.  Maybe its the same in life-  you play at life, you will get hurt, you will feel pain, you will do things you think you can’t and in the end it’s only because you grow.  And they say growing is good.

Funny- it’s like why did the chicken cross the road… to get to the other side.

Why did the human being hurt… to get to the other side?

To all the friends I have ever hurt and all the friends who have hurt me – thank you.

(But I would prefer to get my arse kung fu’ed any day of the week- at least you can see the bruises!!)