I hope you enjoyed the weekend just as much as we did. Were you one of the world audience of millions who watched the World Cup Final?  I have to confess I’m not a huge footie fan and did need help on the off-side rule, but the World Cup final is a once every 4 years event and surely worth watching….

It wasn’t a beautiful match but what I loved about it was that after years and years of potential, Spain finally got their reward.  Unbelievably Spain had never made it past the quarter-finals before 2010 and yet each World Cup, their team have always been lauded with compliments – they have most talented players, they play the most beautiful football, they’re a joy to watch, they surely must do well…. And yet tournament after tournament they flopped.  When would they ever fulfil all that promise?

The answer is it’s never too late to fulfil promise and talent.  It’s just a matter of putting the correct system around your natural skill-sets.  Spain learnt that raw talent wasn’t enough – they needed a framework around it.  And that’s what they did.  They put the systems in place to unlock the talent and make it flow. And now look – they’re finally world champions!

So, the message I got from watching Spain as they celebrated wildly was one – the Spaniards sure know how to party and two, never give up on your dream! If you know you’ve got natural raw talent, and you’re still not making it, what business systems do you need to put around yourself so you too can reap the reward?

Talking of parties, check out my pics from our time in Surrey last week.  Our team had a week of post-event work in a gorgeous converted barnhouse.  We got a lot done and we also had a lot of fun…