Joanna Martin- Effective Presentation Trainer


I am uber-excited. Apparently that is Gen Y talk for very very very excited. I’m actually just about jumping out of my skin at the moment as I can’t wait to tell you about something which is going to be so much fun for you and me, and every-one who gets their hands on it!  Eeek!

You see, Greg, Tamara, Vanessa, Jo and I have just spent a full day planning out something that is going to rock the public speaking world. To take boring presentations to effective presentations in a heartbeat!

I’m not sure whether you know this, but I’m working towards a new book and a TV show at the moment, and as part of that big picture we are re-branding everything from the “Secrets of Selling From Stage” (that you may be familiar with) to the “Shift Speaker Training” brand- (which you may not).

So get ready for a transformational journey over the next 3 weeks.  Heehee!

A Blog Dedicated to Effective Presentations and Speaker Training

In the next 3 weeks I am turning the focus on speaker training specifically.  And to do that I am launching a sister blog to this one.  This will become all about “Lifestyle Design- Business and Life on Purpose”  while all of the fabulous resources about how to make money from speaking will be found over on

Over the next 3 weeks (starting Tuesday)  I’m going to be releasing bucket loads of previously unseen content and speaker training and I’m giving it all away for nicks.  (That’s street talk for nothing! ) Yup-  I’m on a mission to give you some of my best resources and training for nothing!

Free Public Speaking Training

We’re going to be launching the new dedicated speaker training blog in a little under a week.  There’s going to be so much happening- so much to learn, and the opportunity to kick your business into the stratosphere while we go! Especially if you are into making money form your speaking, delivering outstandingly effective presentations and rocking the worlds with your message.

Is that good enough reason to be excited?!

I’ll update you again nest week so you’re really on top of it all. So get ready to tell your friends.  You aren’t going to believe what I’m going to be giving away!  Yeah!  GIVING AWAY!

Warmest regards,