Joanna Martin London


Happy Chinese New Year to you. It is the year of the rat! The beginning of the cycle. So we’ve decided to get on board. This is an exciting post for me because things are going to be a – changing. Many of you have been calling in on my blog from time to time over the last 4 months or so. As you have probably noticed Greg and I are gearing up for some pretty big changes in business and life generally. And to reflect that change I am re-designing my blog and tweaking its direction.

You see, the more time I spend talking with business owners, the more I realise how few businesses are designed to fulfil the lifestyle desires of the owners. Most people have ended up in the business they’re in by accident, or they had grand plans about what they wanted their business to look like, but lost site of it somewhere along the way.

I am convinced that it is entrepreneurs and business people that are going to make the biggest difference to the world. Did you know that according to a Bank of America study entrepreneurs donate 25% more than other wealthy individuals to charitable causes? But not just that, when a business is designed to fulfil a need, to solve a social problem or in some other way make a meaningful contribution, people are employed, homes are created and families’ lives are secure.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur… they are a rare breed. Many people call themselves entrepreneurs, but they aren’t really. Did you know the word entrepreneur comes from the French: entreprendre- to undertake. So technically speaking, an entrepreneur is one who undertakes. So these rare individuals need support. They need to be encouraged and supported to make their contribution, because they are the catalysts for change.

So entrepreneurs and business owners: this site will be for you. So my vision for my blog moving forward is a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. When we re-launch, it is my intention to interview successful business owners and entrepreneurs to find out what makes them tick. Find out what gets them out of bed in the morning. And find out what strategies they are employing as we move further into the information age to reflect the changing needs and desires in the market place. How is the information age changing the way we do business, and the scope of what we can achieve through business?

Through the articles, interviews and other resources you’ll be finding here, I hope to provide you with inspiration, motivation, strategic advice and up to the minute notification of what’s new out there, solving the latest problems the small business owner or entrepreneur faces. You’ll find reminders to keep designing your business to support rather than hinder your lifestyle, and ways to keep keyed in and excited about the journey. Your’s is a great gift, the ability to envision a different future, and to be able to bring that future into the present through business. I hope to be able to serve you in the best way I know how.

Come back over the next weeks to see the changes and expect a lot of great value as we move forward! Oh… and it should be easier to read too!

Wishing you a prosperous life of contribution, and Business On Purpose.

Warm regards,