This week is one of the most pivotal weeks of the year.  Why? Because it contains the year’s longest or shortest day depending on which hemisphere you live in.  

I’ve always found the Summer and Winter Solstices fascinating.  The ceremonies and rituals around them are not only steeped in history, they’re also recognised all around the world.  It’s a little bit of global witchcraft…..This year we happened to be in England which maybe has one of the most famous Summer Solstice parties in the world – at Stonehenge.  

No, Greg and I didn’t go.  Although that would have been interesting….

I love the symbolism around solstice time.  It’s a traditional time of healing and new beginnings.  For example, in Spain they celebrate ‘Dia de San Juan’ on the 24th June by holding parties on the beaches.  At midnight everyone runs into the water to be purified.   In England and Australia we mark it with bonfires which of course are linked with witchcraft.

What meaning do you take from Summer or Winter Solstice?  Be it the shortest day of the year or the longest, which parts of your life need cleansing?  Is it time for a new beginning in your business?  Are you ready to burn some parts of your past?  

The name solstice means “sun standing”.  This week, how could you shine the sun on your life so you can better see your future?