Well the exciting news is we’re over here in London and getting settled down just fine. Greg has become the Ikea ninja and has put together furniture in our new place like you wouldn’t believe. Last weekend we went to visit my sister in Paris and it was so divine.

It was so good to see her and her husband AJ. They are trying to settle into the Paris groove. Hard when he doesn’t speak a word of French. I take my hat off to them though. They have just spent 6 months in Japan, and now 6 months in Paris. There are easer places to live in I bet.

I shot this little video- you might recognise some of the scenery!! (A question- why does google always choose you in the ugliest pose to use as the freeze frame. Can programmers really make a video pick out you at your ugliest?!)

Kath and AJ took us out for a treat to this divine little patisserie which is apparently famous for its macaroons. I’d love to tell you all about it but my sister does it better justice. She’s a damn fine writer this one- perhaps a food critic waiting to happen!

Check out this article she wrote- she has photos of our breakfast even- Cafe espionage at its best!!

Love to you- wheree’r you may be!