Welcome to a very special blog post!
Since Jo and Greg are currently honeymooning in Bali, Jo turned to me this week to write this update and share the wedding with you.  So, I’ve put on my best journalist’s hat to make you feel as if you were there too . . .

Firstly let’s start with the weather.  All weddings rely on mother-nature and this one relied on her more than most.  In the midst of a sodden summer, the sun Gods truly were smiling because as dawn broke on Saturday 15th January, the Tasmanian sky was a sheet of blue and the sun shone down making the island look even prettier than it was.  *Note if you’ve never been to Tassie – you must go!  What a gorgeous island.

Anyway I digress.  The ceremony was set for 4.30pm and at 4ish the guests started to gather in Princes Park in Hobart.  A string quartet played softly in the background, a handful of white seats were set out and the pimms was flowing.  There were about 80 guests in total, lots of family and a mixture of friends and Shift personnel.  Take a look at the photos because Joey and Greg loved the contrast of everyone’s dresses against the vivid green of the park. 

At just gone 4, the groom showed up . . . looking great I have to say in a black Hugo Boss suit and a sexy black tie.  Accompanying him were his 2 brothers. As he took position the guests gathered around a lilac carpet and awaited the bride . . . 25 minutes later the bridal party arrived.  Jo’s 2 sisters, Kath and Emma, led the way along with Jo’s 2 year old niece, Charlotte. 

And then came the bride!

Jo’s stepdad and dad walked her proudly down the aisle . . . and a beaming, beautiful and radiant Joanna looked absolutely overjoyed as she walked toward her soon-to-be husband.  For you ladies out there who want the details . . . Jo’s designer dress was an off white silk, with a ruched bodice with a sweetheart neck line and hand embroidered beads.  She had a ruffled halter-neck with a short train and a very fancy feathered head piece and net in her hair.

She looked amazing.

As they exchanged vows in a simple but touching ceremony, some of the guests were seen to shed tears (especially when Jo did!) and when the ring was slipped onto Jo’s finger and she could finally call herself Mrs Elliott, the guests whooped and cheered.

The new wedding ring matched her engagement ring perfectly.

The reception was just as gorgeous  . . . the wedding party sailed upriver to Moorilla Winery . . . and were entertained by some hilarious speeches and some more moving ones.  I asked Jo what her favourite moment of day was and she answered without hesitation that Greg’s speech was her best moment.  Greg, not usually the public speaker, made a beautiful speech to his new bride which brought tears to her eyes (and to most of ours!)

Joey and Greg specifically wish to thank all of you for all your support, love and wishes of good will.  Their wedding was not just for them, it was an opportunity for everyone to witness their union. Without the love of the Shift Community it would not have been the same and it makes them truly happy to know you were there with them in spirit.

So if you have a glass handy, raise it to Jo and Greg Elliott and toast their new marriage.