Well the time has finally come and this weekend we are packing up our Port Melbourne home and heading off to the wild blue yonder- first stop Tassie to say good bye to family and then off to London.

You know what is really exciting? Having created the types of lifestyle businesses that we have, which means we can work from anywhere in the world. In the Information Age it is so easy to keep in touch. (I know I’m not really the best at that- but I do try!!)

I though i’d put a link in to one of the “Behind The Scenes Tips” from the Secrets of Selling From Stage website because it talks about staying in touch. And even though Greg and I are heading off- we will still be keeping in touch of course.

Here it is:

Anyhow, just wanted to say hi to you all since this might be the last thing i write from our little home here. I’ll let you know how the move goes and who knows- maybe I’ll even finish that series on the Ultimate Lifestyle Business soon!!

Love ya!