Greg and I are in Australia again this week.  We’ve just had a great weekend with our Million Dollar Masterclass in Bondi, and this Sunday I’m speaking at “Our Internet Secrets” in Melbourne.

But I have to admit we only just made it!  Our plane had a fuel leak, lost one engine and had to do an emergency landing in Perth which added a bit of excitement to the otherwise  boring flight from London to Sydney.  On arrival at Sydney airport, bedraggled and tired we were interviewed by the Daily Telegraph regarding the emergency landing.  They were obviously looking for a horror story about Qantas- the airline in question…

And all this got me thinking about the media.  We know they can be used to our advantage to spread our message to the public.  After all, on our way back to London in a couple of weeks we are heading via Los Angeles to appear on TV over there.   But what if they’re looking for a “negative angle story” like those Daily Telegraph journalists hunting down the dirt on Qantas.  So I’m infinitely grateful for my colleague Sue Gardiner- one of the other “Our Internet Secrets” faculty who is a PR expert.

One of the other Faculty Members, blogging expert, Yaro Starak is about to appear on A Current Affair which is a prime time TV show here in Australia.  So I’ve been picking his brains too on how to really leverage the media exposure in the best way.  (Coincidentally I interviewed him last night on the Lazy Web Celeb Series- and asked him this question, so if you’re not registered yet- click here)

let me know your thoughts…