A 2 day workshop to create an aligned business plan for 2023. Learn the fundamentals of getting aligned leads, clients and creating your impact powerfully. Scale effectively without the burn-out.

certainty in uncertain times.

How to grow your business with

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Leave with a clear and uplifting 12-month business plan!

You can grow your business in any economy.

You can’t ignore it.  The economy is alarming right now. You need to shift your focus if you want to scale and grow effectively, rather than just survive.

You can’t have your head in the sand.  But you can tune out the bad news, and take your power back. Let’s turn that check-out to a check-in, and get you the knowledge, strategies and motivation you need to make the impact you’re here to make.  In your heart you know your impact will ripple to effect change, and change is what the world needs!  



Your host, Dr Joanna Martin launched her last business in the middle of the 2008 recession and grew it into an enviable lifestyle business, with 7-figure revenues, high profits and complete location independence within 12 months. 

She is going to take you step-by-step through the pillars you need to move beyond the stop/start, feast/famine approach to hustling your way forward… into creating your own aligned, impactful business that truly supports your life, and the lives of those you support.

Jo’s blend of intelligence, intuition and insight catalysed the impact of thousands of leaders you see speaking around the world today.

Your trainer and mentor- Dr Joanna Martin

For the last 16 years, Jo has nurtured and catalysed the growth of many of the inspirational leaders you see speaking around the world today. Her blend of intelligence, intuition and insight have helped thousands to move to their next level of impact. She has helped difference-makers in the USA, Europe and Australia to re-position, re-package and ultimately find their unique “Leadership Identity”.

She has:

  • Helped consultants, coaches and service professionals to monetise their knowledge with new Elegant Business Models
  • Personally crafted hundreds of Effective Presentations for industry leaders
  • Re-designed dozens of Multi-Day Seminars to help clients fill high end coaching and mentoring groups or grow their 1-1 client base.
  • Optimised dozens of seminars and speakers pitches to sell franchises and licenses,

Without sacrificing the fundamental of sustainable, aligned and authentic growth.

A successful entrepreneur in her own right.

Jo has started and grown three successful small businesses .  Her most loved, One of many™ was launched in 2014 and has impacted over 70,000 women and now has Certified Coaches in over 14 countries. Her previous business, Shift Speaker Training was launched in the recession of 2008 and was an instant success – growing to over a million in revenue in it’s first year.

She is co-chair of the Hunger Project UK,  a committed financial investor and volunteer- having supported them by training over 70 fundraisers and facilitators globally.

She’s also a diplomatic wife, a sometimes-too-tired mother, a protective sister, and a caring friend. She has a very cool head, but a very big heart.

And as a woman and a mother she bloody well understands the juggle!

Is IMPACT the right workshop for you?

This 2-day live (not recorded) event is the right choice for you right now, If you’re a:

  • Coach, consultant or trainer
  • Service professionals such as lawyer, doctors, accountants and wellbeing professional
  • Impact focussed individuals
  • Or if you are curious to grow your business in a more aligned and authentic way

What outcomes can you expect?

  • A methodology to scale your business without burning out
  • Strategies to leverage your time more effectively AND maximise your income, WITHOUT compromising your values
  • Proven ideas on how to package your expertise more effectively and break the time for money trap.
  • Roadmaps on how to take your idea from a concept, to a community, to a movement…

Attend IMPACT to get clarity on these 7 pillars of a high impact business

The 7-pillars

When you attend IMPACT you will hone and refine each of the 7 pillars of a high impact business.

Something Greater

Tune in to BIG WHY – define it with clarity.

All businesses that grow quickly and make a true impact have a reason for existing that goes well beyond making money.  They have a light inside them that makes them radiant to their ideal clients, talent and investors alike.  And that is the fuel of purpose.  They have a clear reason why, and a clear mission they are working towards.  And the business owner, the team and indeed the business model are all aligned and in service of that something greater.  At IMPACT you will tune in and define yours deeply and clearly.

Stand Out

Powerful Positioning Simply Articulated

Whether they be start-ups or those that have been established for a while, a high impact business has something which sets them apart.  Something that makes them stand out in their crowded market.  To attract the right clients successfully you  must have a clearly identified niche, a well articulated promise of how you serve them, and a brand identity that is unique to you.  At IMPACT you will review or indeed create your powerful positioning that is easy  to communicate and will have you stand out from the crowd.


Diagnose & Optimise Conversion Problems for Fast Revenue Growth

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business.  And any impactful business has a consistent stream of warm leads, or more correctly- curious people open for more.  Creating journeys of discovery for potential clients, and then dedicated sales moments which get the job done is fundamental.  At IMPACT you will review your marketing and sales efforts, diagnose where the greatest room for growth is to be found, and learn powerful strategies for optimising and enhancing that customer journey. You will clarify the most impactful changes you can make to grow revenue fast.


Design Your Network | Increase Net Worth

The role of good people in business success cannot be understated.  Whether its knowing who to hire and when, or developing promotional partnerships that supercharge your growth- relationships are key. At IMPACT you will spend time reviewing your team , and key external relationships to discover alignment, and strategise a way to get more of the kind of support you need.


Big Dreams in Simple Systems

The tendency of most business owners is to complicate.  To dream big, do it all, and all at the same time.  We like to say yes to clients, and do everything.  However the best businesses are those that do just a few things very well.  Together we will help you to focus on the simplest possible business model.  And simple to deliver products, programs and services that allow you to fulfil your mission, without tying you and your team up in knots. 

Soft PowerPlanning

Keeping the momentum

Finally, you need a clear plan of implementation. Strategic planning is not enough.  A plan needs to be born from mission, fuelled by sustainable energy, and geared towards achieving the results you want for your life as a business owner. So at IMPACT you will be crafting your own Soft PowerPlan- an aligned business plan that ensures your growth is fuelled by what feels light, not what feels right.


Maximum Energy & Money to Launch

When it comes to business there are some finite resources that always require nurturing and tending.  The first is money: revenue, profit and cash. At IMPACT you will learn how to maximise cash in times of uncertainty, and how to identify safe choices for investing in your business.  The second is energy: yours and your teams.  The changes of the last 2 years have resulted in unprecedented exhaustion in small and large businesses alike.  At IMPACT you will take some time to take stock of everyone’s energy levels before you launch into executing on the plan.

Registration & Event Details


13-14 October

9:30-5pm London time


for 2 days of empowered action

This event will be held virtually so you can attend from the comfort of your office or sofa. The event is held LIVE and will not be recorded. So please come ready to be fully engaged and get your plan for 2023.

10% of every ticket sold will go towards the Unleashed Women Initiative of The Hunger Project, supporting women in developing countries into their leadership to end hunger and poverty in their communities.

I was testing out a new business strategy and to be honest I was a little bit freaked out. So, I got in touch with Joey and did a VIP day with her. We whipped out the post-it notes and designed a new event based business strategy which I’ve since run four times. So far that’s turned into $1.2 million in increased revenue in my business.
– Taki Moore
Get More Clients, Australia
We were struggling to make £1000 a month originally, and now we’ve made over £45,000 in a month thanks to the new model we designed with you. We have a vision to make a difference and that’s what drove us to create the business model and now it’s succeeding!”
– Elaine Wilkins
The Chrysalis Effect, Brighton, UK
When I first met Jo, I was scrounging and scraping enough money together to work with her. She showed us how to change our business model to really leverage what we were great at. We applied immediately, and kept tweaking, and the growth has been incredible. Within 10 months we had gone from a standing start to making over $350,000.
– Leela Cosgrove
The8Percent, Australia