Have you heard of a little place called Baykonur?  I hadn’t until our plane headed off in that general direction the other day.  It’s a town in Kazhakstan- and my geographical ignorance got me to thinking….  It would be damn hard to travel to somewhere you’d never heard of.  How would you get there?  How would you know whether it was worth going or not?

Which in turn prompted thoughts about speaking… (as is my tendency!) 

I’m always asked “how do I get more gigs?”  Well the problem for most speakers is not that they aren’t decent speakers.  It’s that no-one knows they exist!  Which is why, for better or for worse you have to work at increasing two fundamentals:

  1. Your Celebrity
  2. Your Credibility

As I soar over the lesser known parts of the world (at least to us ignorant Westerners) my greatest wish for you is that your speaking career takes on the fame of a “New York”, “Paris” or “Shanghai”; not the beautiful but under appreciated “Attapeu”, “Bicheno” or “Luc-en-Diois” (look those ones up on the map!

So make sure you are HIGHLY VISIBLE so that people can find you if they’re looking!