Greetings from Bermuda!  The great news is we didn’t get lost in the triangle and the even better news is we’ve been having an amazing time with our mastermind group.

You know the old saying, your network is your networth, well it’s never more potent when you’re part of a double platinum mastermind group with the truly magical Ted Nicholas.  Just one 5 minute conversation with Ted is worth more money than I ever have or ever could pay him.  The value of belonging to this group of extraordinary people is priceless.

Who are you surrounding yourself with this week?  Are they people who lift your game to the next level? Do they contribute to the most expansive version of yourself you could be?  If not, go grab yourself a mentor or find yourself a mastermind group.  The value you will get from it is immeasurable.

Next week our travels change shape as we jump onboard the cruise at New York. We have an even more exciting cruise after the old cruise ship caught fire! So instead of the Mexican Riviera it’s now New York to the Bahamas . . . and this means we have the opportunity to hang out with some of you very special people and continue our networking and continue our growth . . . . hopefully with a cocktail in hand.