I’ve just got back from Los Angeles where I spent a fabulous weekend reconnecting to my soul-self.  It’s so important we stay true to what we care about and what drives us – and staying in touch with my soul essence is something very valuable to me.

So there I was in a room full of hundreds of powerful women, but not powerful in a pushy way, but in a very feminine way.  You know, it’s such a shame that our culture no longer celebrates feminine power and that we have to go re-discover something that was so normal in so many traditional cultures.

It seems like the drive these days is to turn women into men and men into women.  But just because we can be strong and independent, doesn’t mean we have to give up being ladies!  And just because men can be soft and sensitive, doesn’t mean you have to forget your soul-self either.

And talking of being a lady, well guess where I went this week?! I popped into the MAC store in Santa Monica and treated myself to 2 new eyeshadows, 1 mascara, 1 studio fix, 2 new brushes, lip gloss for Hannah and two new lippies for me.  Not a bad stash for the afternoon and a very good way to get in touch with my feminine energies, don’t you think?  And men, I’m not saying you have to wear make-up 🙂 but you can still be soft and sensitive too.  All of us can learn to get in touch with our soul-selves and the divine essence of who we are….