Well, it’s been over a week of now of being an engaged woman and I did what all newly engaged daughters do – go back home to show my parents the sparkly ring!
My fiance and I (I just love saying that!!) went back to Hobart.  That’s in Tasmania for all you non-Aussies.  It’s so cold this time of year we could only manage 4 days.  But that was enough time for my ma to ask when the kiddies were due…..





Anyway, we spent a lovely weekend with my family.  See the piccies!  Father’s Day was the highlight – check us out outside the local hardware store.  That’s dad’s for you.





Apart from some quality family time, the other great thing that happened this week was an amazing coaching session and event critique with my MDM Diamond member, Michael Sheargold.  Investing in a mentor really does pay off in terms of creating some beautiful results.