This past week has been one of the most symbolic in my life.  Have you ever had weeks like that?  Where loads of BIG events seem to pile up on top of each other?

First, myself and Greg finally picked up the keys to a new home!  Yay!  And second . . . close your eyes Greg and no peeking  . . .  I found a brilliant dress designer here in Melbourne who can have my dress designed and made by Christmas!!!  Wooohooooooo! The date is all set for the 15th January which means only a few short weeks left of being a single woman.  Gulp!

Moving house is huge for us because we’re just a little bit tired of living out of a suitcase . . . so we are delighted to be moving into a great place near the sea and the botanical gardens in Williamstown in Melbourne.  I have to look up Jennie Armato, I think we might nearly be neighbours!

Our goal is homes in Oz and the UK so that we can unpack in both the northern and southern hemispheres! Because to be honest, for both Greg and I a life without travel would be a bit two dimensional.  I really want my kids to be global citizens.  (Yes, everyone keeps telling me that its harder to travel with kids… I know… But allow me my delusion for a little longer!)

So with that, I’ll head back into the kitchen where I am rediscovering all the lovely things I had forgotten about since they were packed into storage 2 and a bit years ago!