How to Change the World without becoming a Weirdo

We all know at least one person like this: they’ve got such great intentions, and they truly want to change the world for the better … but they’re weird. Maybe even a bit off putting, so caught up in their principles that they’re a pain to be around. And as someone who also wants to [...]

By |07.05.2016|

Ahh, Home Sweet Home…

This week has been about nesting, wedding preparations and launching one of my coolest products – the new Blueprint in Action Program.   It’s been over a week now since Greg and I moved into our new home and we’ve been busy unpacking and discovering new treasures I'd forgotten all about.  I’m also discovering how much [...]

By |11.11.2010|

Designer Wedding Dresses and Long Forgotten Kitchen Tools

This past week has been one of the most symbolic in my life.  Have you ever had weeks like that?  Where loads of BIG events seem to pile up on top of each other? First, myself and Greg finally picked up the keys to a new home!  Yay!  And second . . . close your [...]

By |04.11.2010|

I’m back!

It’s great to be back from my hols!  Thanks so much for my wonderful team for keeping things going whilst we were away.  I have to confess – I didn’t even have to check the occasional email!  Yay. This was the longest holiday we’ve had since we started the business so it was just lovely [...]

By |14.10.2010|

We’re all going on a – Summer Holiday…

Well, End of Summer holiday anyway... Summertime is traditionally the time when businesses pack up and go on holiday.  But why does sometimes taking something as simple as a holiday actually cause stress?  Because it means time away from the office and all your to-do lists.  Greg and I are taking a late holiday this [...]

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