Ten Reasons to Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Own Success

Do you feel stuck and unmotivated? Maybe you feel constantly disorganised and struggle to achieve what you set out to do? You can blame your organisation skills or outside factors, but how much of it is down to your unwillingness to take responsibility for your own life... an unwillingness to hold yourself accountable for your [...]

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The Importance of Morning Pages For You and Your Business

Sometimes both our work and home lives can seem so stressful and tense. It can be really difficult to find the time to sit and work out what is the best way forward... to find the space to have valuable thinking time. And, as the saying goes, sometimes you just can’t seem to see the [...]

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Do Work At Home Mums Need Childcare?

Work at home mums often have mixed feelings about whether, or not, to invest in childcare. Some see it as a positive investment... for both their business and for quality family time, whilst others see it as a wrong turn, a decision to put money before family. The question is often raised once New Year [...]

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My Millionaire Time Management Secrets

Well, here we are half way through January already!New Years feels so long ago already, along with all those New Years resolutions... How are you going with yours?Did you know the biggest excuse people gave last year for not keeping their resolutions was "I don't have enough time"?Well, if this is you then you'll love [...]

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First Impressions Last… So Make Yours Count!

Networking is an essential part of your business strategy and it is so much more than just handing out business cards. It is your opportunity to build new contacts, establish mutually beneficial relationships and create lasting friendships.Does the idea of networking fill you with fear? Do you panic and talk nonstop about yourself?Follow these easy [...]

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