Wow, what an amazing week!  Events include; another dress fitting, bridesmaids dresses, bridal registry, babysitting and of course our wonderful engagement party!  I promise I did do some work… at some time… I think?!

Now I have to say I have discovered the perfect way to do your bridal registry shopping – with a glass of champagne!  Thankfully the department store has just put in a brand new champagne bar for just such moments… how divine!
It will be really lovely to be a married couple with all our gifts that everytime we look or use one, we will think of the lovely family and friends that shared our special day with us.

I want to thank everyone who came to our engagement party in the Fitzroy Gardens (and especially those who travelled interstate – a lovely surprise!).  I was totally impressed with Melbourne turning the weather on and couldn’t have asked for more of a perfect day.  Our Shift Family is very important to us as you have all been with us on our special journey, so it was just magic to share the afternoon with you all.  Check out some of the photos.

It’s also not long now before Greg and I are off to Bermuda to hang out with our mentor, Ted Nicholas, and plan 2011.  This year has been about us travelling and experiencing lots of different places and cultures and 2011 is about having a base close to our family and friends.  This will be a new experience for us and we know it will be a very exciting time in our business also. 

So… next week I’ll be coming to your from the shores of Bermuda.  If you don’t hear from me, it’s that blasted Triangle at work!