Presentation Profits Blueprint – Bonus Resources

BONUS #1: 7 Speaker Training Videos:

1. Fear, procrastination and how to avoid it

2. How to do an effective presentation, not just a talk

3. The Elegant Business Model

4. Building a Community of Raving Fans

5. How to be memorable as a speaker

6. You already know this

7. Just be yourself. The key to success on stage

BONUS #2: Client Appreciation Night System

In this bonus audio class I take you through exactly the system I used when I first started speaking (when I was very green) to make an extra $10,060 in my coaching business. You can use this exact system to make an extra few thousand dollars from your CURRENT clients and prospects for little of no cost. I’ll even include the exact order form I used on the night so you can model it in your own business.

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Sample Enrolment form

BONUS #3: The Audience Analysis Checklist

My audience anaylsis checklist, with 14 questions to ask yourself before you design any presentation

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