Right now is probably one of the most exciting times I have had for a while. I am to be seen roaming around London with a big smile on my face. Thanks for all the words of support for mu Kung Fu grading! I had it on Sunday and I think it went well. I’ll let you know if I passed as soon as I know I promise!

But that’s not the main reason I’m so chuffed.  It’s the thrill that comes with learning new stuff!  You see, I am working with my blogging mentors, Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak, to conduct my first online product launch.  You see we’re rebranding everything and so to celebrate we’re having the hugest event the public speaking field has ever seen online!  I can’t tell you too much about exactly what is happening on the Big Day- the 22nd of July- but trust me- you want to have your computer on that day!  My speaking colleagues are going to be WILD when they see what I’m up to! Heeheee!

One thing I can tell you about though is that right now I’m busily extracting every scrap of knowledge I have about taking a business from startup or solid to wild speaking success and putting it into the soon to be released “Presentation Profits Blueprint”.  This blueprint is going to be a must have, must own, must read for anyone who routinely speaks or is thinking about becoming a speaker. For a limited time only, it will be available for free download from Wednesday the 15th of July- so watch out for that!

What’s more many of our subscribers and friends have already gone and checked out the new blog we launched just yesterday- so thanks so much for all your comments and feedback.  Please keep coming back, as we’re loading up new, ground-breaking content almost daily at the moment- and tell all your friends.
Check it out here:  www.ShiftSpeakerTraining.com/blog


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