Greetings from Sydney!

Greg and I flew back into Australia on Friday, a bit earlier than planned but we wanted to acclimatise before the wonderful Annie Stoker event in Bondi Beach this coming weekend.

I have to admit, I do so love Bondi Beach! Isn’t it just a great place?  Makes me happy to be home.  That and the good coffee.  I do crave my coffee especially in winter.  Saying that, it’s hard to believe it’s the middle of winter over here because the weather is still fairly warm.  Don’t you just love Australia?  (And I hold nothing against the UK except the weather…..)

So now’s the time of year when they start to release the big blockbusters. Going to the cinema is such a treat.  Just out is The Karate Kid which stars Will Smith’s son, Jaden, as well as Jackie Chan who plays the eccentric martial arts mentor.  I went into the movie thinking nothing could match the original but I loved it!  The ironic thing is that the remake is not actually about karate at all – it’s set in Beijing and is all about Kung Fu.  Why still call it The Karate Kid though?

Who knows?  Still, it’s one of the best coming of age stories around and teaches us a lot about the power of restraint and mercy over violence.

Very philosophical.