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Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst; leading women into a new global paradigm. Her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people on 4 different continents.
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Jo&Co Episode #6: Superwoman

In this episode of Jo & Co we’re exploring one of the biggest obstacles to women’s effectiveness. If you’ve been to one of my live events, you will probably have seen me tearing around with my underpants and cape on bringing this obstacle to life. Check out this episode to understand exactly what, or perhaps [...]

By |10.08.2016|

Jo&Co Episode #7: Effective Presentation

If you want to make an impact: grow your business, fundraise for your organization or get people on board for your vision, then it's crucial you understand something.... The difference between a good talk and an effective presentation. In this episode of Jo&Co I walk you through how to increase the effectiveness of your presentations [...]

By |06.07.2016|

Jo&Co Episode #5 – A Moment With Ali Brown

Bonjour! Come with me to Paris and meet my first Jo&Co guest. I thought I’d start with the crème de la crème and you’re in for a real treat with a lady who has been hailed as THE Entrepreneurial Guru for women by Business News Daily. As well as being noted by Forbes as a [...]

By |15.06.2016|

Jo&Co Episode 4 – The Productivity Trap

"I will be productive today!" You have said that to yourself at least once in the past 2 weeks haven't you? Did it work? Because more often than not, for women, demanding productivity of ourselves is our first mistake! In this episode of Jo & Co, I want to share with you the difference between [...]

By |10.05.2016|

How to Change the World without becoming a Weirdo

We all know at least one person like this: they’ve got such great intentions, and they truly want to change the world for the better … but they’re weird. Maybe even a bit off putting, so caught up in their principles that they’re a pain to be around. And as someone who also wants to [...]

By |07.05.2016|