I’m sure like me, you began the year busy planning what you are going to achieve in your business this year? I love the start of a new year, it’s a great time to refocus and start with a clear plate and visualize all the great stuff that we’re going to make happen.

Thursday 16th February 2012We’re now in February and hopefully you’re making steady progress and seeing some results from your efforts so far…or are those ideas that seemed to hold so much potential for you a month ago now looking like an impossible dream?

You see…although we might begin the year with the best of intentions, occasionally doubts start creeping in at some point.

  • Can I do this?
  • Am I good enough?
  • What if I fail?
  • Will people laugh at me?

And what happens is that the doubting voices in your head start to become louder that the encouraging and positive voices and before you know it, your confidence starts to drop.

Suddenly the success that you started the year working towards is slipping out of your reach and BANG – you don’t feel it is even worth trying anymore.

Does that sound like you? Have you ever found yourself starting off well but then gradually losing faith in yourself as time goes on?

Well if so, STOP!

I’m going to let you into a secret – those negative, doubting voices you can hear so loud and clear are lying to you!

Cute Smiling BabyYou see, as babies we arrive into the world capable of achieving everything we wish for. Then as we go through our lives, our inner thought processes begin to take shape. We make good and bad decisions, we learn lessons from the people around us and sometimes, we fail or make a bad choice.

The trouble is, these failures and bad choices can stick in your mind leaving you with a deep feeling of guilt or negative self beliefs and these thoughts are carried with you forever more.

You probably already know that we call these thoughts `self limiting beliefs’. And by choosing to continue carrying these thoughts in your mind you are limiting what you can achieve in future.

But guess what? You can choose whether to continue hurting yourself or whether to let go and return these limiting beliefs to the past where they belong.

So my invitation for you this week is to take five minutes for yourself, make yourself comfortable and think about your own self limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Next I want you to imagine you are physically picking these negative thoughts up, and then scrunch them into a ball with your hands and throw them right the way back into the past! Visualize them flying through the air and leaving your mind so you are free forever.

Relax at WorkDoesn’t that feel great? It’s a really relieving feeling to visualize the doubts flying away from you and back into your past like that and it’s a process I repeat whenever I feel the doubts creeping into my mind. Now they’ve gone, you’re free to recommence your journey towards success!

So I’d love to hear from you what self limiting thoughts you said goodbye to and tell me what you’re going to be achieving this year now they’ve gone. Pop your thoughts into the comments box – I can’t wait to hear your story.