By Joanna Martin

I’ve just been reading the incredible story of Martin Lewis and I wanted to share it with you today as a stellar example of why you need a niche in your lifestyle business.

Martin Lewis is a UK journalist… and 10 years ago, he set up a website called MoneySavingExpert which provides unbiased financial information to help consumers save money and clear their debts. He has a real passion for what he does and has worked hard to position himself as the UK’s leading money saving authority.

Last week he agreed to sell his website for a cash and benefits package totalling £87million! Wow!

HandshakeHe has clarity on his niche… he identified the people that want his help and provided exactly what they want with his MoneySavingExpert work.

And when people are looking for impartial financial information… they know Martin is their go-to person.

Do your customers recognise you as their go-to person? Have you got clarity on your niche so people looking for the help you offer know immediately you are the person they want to work with?

Now,… I can’t promise you that being clear on your niche will result in you being able to sell your business for £87million in 10 years time… but I can tell you that if you aren’t clear on your niche, you will have to work a lot harder… and longer before you can have the lifestyle business you wish for.

So, if you a finding it difficult to get clarity on your niche, here are a few pointers to help you…

Your life purpose:
Choosing a niche based only on expected financial gain is not enough. If you aren’t passionate about what you offer, you won’t enjoy your journey and your work will feel… well, like work!

What is your message that you have been put on this earth to share? What is your life purpose? It’s only when you are truly in flow with your life purpose that magic begins to happen. Once you’re in flow, the road to success feel easy and work is fun.

Who wants to hear your message?
Your customers don’t always buy on need… it’s only when they want to buy… and are ready to buy that they will part with their money.

Race RunnerLet’s face it, everyone needs regular exercise and to stay healthy… but not everyone goes to the gym or follows a healthy eating plan.

Your niche message should address the ‘want’… the emotional desire to ease their pain that will encourage your prospects to take action and work with you.
Does that make sense?

Why do they want your help?
What are your prospects struggling with and want to resolve that you can help with? What is their pain?

You joined my lifestyle community because you want to learn how you can leverage your time and earn a great living but enjoy life too.

What help do your customers want from you?

How will you help?
Once you understand who wants to hear your message and the emotional pain they feel that drives them to seek your help… figuring out how you will help them becomes easier… or obvious.

What do you need to offer to help your clients resolve their pain? How will you do that?

Magnifying Glass QuestionIf you work with people who want to lose weight, you might choose to offer a program of targeted exercises and dietary guidance. If you are a coach… perhaps a series of coaching sessions to deal with the underlying cause of their weight gain… a process that enables participants to achieve a milestone by the end of the program.

How will you ease the pain your clients feel?

If you aren’t completely clear on your niche and don’t feel you truly understand the people you can help, I urge you to set aside the time to give this some deep thought.

Your path ahead will be easier when your prospects can instantly recognise you as the one person who can help them… when they know they must work with you.

Do you have clarity on your niche? Do you genuinely feel empathy with the people you can help and understand what they need from you? Please share your thoughts below.