How to ask for help without being needy

Have you ever got to the point of total overwhelm and exhaustion… not because you didn’t have the support around you, but because you just didn’t know how to ask for help? I had one particularly memorable meltdown after spending the day with a new team member. Ironically, this amazing woman was someone I’d hired [...]

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How to handle Imposter Syndrome

I was in the boarding lounge at Heathrow Airport, in tears. (Not one of my proudest moments, I have to say) I was crying because I was about to do something amazing. It was my first trip to work with Ali Brown, someone who I had followed and looked up to for years and years [...]

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What’s my leadership style?

Where are you a leader in your life? At work? Running a business? Or within your family, community, or voluntary organization? Here at One of many our mission is to create a movement of women ready to become the leaders the world needs. After all, as a planet, the model of power that’s been dominant [...]

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How Trust Is Built

At One of many we believe in the power of collaboration. The community we’ve created and the mutual support we offer each other is fundamental to our success. And that support rests on one crucial thing: knowing how trust is built, and making sure our collaboration rests on strong foundations. I’ve experienced what it’s like [...]

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