Are you repelling wealth?

We are in business to make our difference but we also want to be rewarded for our efforts; we strive for a sizeable income to provide a better lifestyle for our kids, enjoy more holidays, and make an investment or whatever you would do if your income was to significantly increase. I invite you now [...]

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Are your self limiting beliefs holding you back?

I’m sure like me, you began the year busy planning what you are going to achieve in your business this year? I love the start of a new year, it’s a great time to refocus and start with a clear plate and visualize all the great stuff that we’re going to make happen. We’re now [...]

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Hormones, Havoc and Women in Business

I love getting away with my team after a major event to recap and process everything, and it becomes clear when we all get together in the same room that we are a very female dominant team. Poor old Greg (or lucky old Greg- depending on how you look at it) gets surrounded by 5 [...]

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