Using A Landing Page To Build Your Online Community

Your community... or database, is the biggest asset your business will ever own. Using a landing page to build your online community, means that every visitor to your website is presented with the option to join your community, and continue to learn from your valuable content.  Step #1: create your free giftThe first step is [...]

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Leveraging Your Events And Seminars

Many people in our industry see their events... workshops and seminars... as their final product. What I mean by that is that they spend loads of time delivering seminars but at the end of the event, the product does not continue making money. When I work with entrepreneurs who want to build lifestyle businesses, one [...]

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Protect Your Creative Space!

Happy New Year! Are you feeling renewed and refreshed after a festive break? Are you brimming with new ideas and plans for creating your ultimate lifestyle business in 2013? You’ve no doubt started back into your work feeling inspired and creative... and possibly already begun fleshing out your ideas for new products that you can [...]

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